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  Assistant Head Teacher Internship or Volunteer Programme in Ghana, West Africa
  Assistant Head teacher Internship / Volunteer Position in Ghana Internships / Volunteers Programs in Ghana - Available all year round

Assistant Head teacher Internships / Volunteer in Ghana positions:- Apply Now

From any country at all we welcome you to Ghana to work as a intern / volunteer in Ghana, West Africa, with placements that teach new skills and enrich your life through experience of Ghanaian culture.

Our Internship / volunteer programs are available all year round.

Teaching Internship / volunteer positions available all year round in Ghana, West Africa.

We welcome you from all over the world to have your internship in this peaceful and beautiful country in Ghana,West Africa.

We have lots of internship /volunteer positions for students and anyone interested from all over world year to year and we will be glad to have you in our country to intern or volunteer with us

There is a fees page to explain the cost involved. Accommodation, Feeding etc To mention a few.

How To Apply For This Internship / Volunteer Position

To apply for any of our internship / volunteer positions, please send an email to and state that you want to intern or volunteer in Ghana, and then describe the type of volunteer or internship programme you want and the duration. We will then reply that email with all the information you need to make the internship or volunteer programme a success. .

Before Arrival Service

We stay in touch with you by email and sms. We will explain how best to apply for your internship visa for Ghana. We will also explain to you how our airport welcome service works. So, don't worry, we have evsmserything covered!

We sometimes have skype ( skype id: go4lesstravel) video conversations so you can have a feel of who we are, and then we can answer your questions on the Go, build a rapport even before you come here.

Airport Pick-Up & Welcome Service

We stand right at the arrival hall with your name in a big board with your name on it so you can easily identify us and then we just do the brief orientation so you understand a few things about the locals etc.

After you are picked up from the arrival hall we take you to your accommodation to settle down and then the next thing you decide, we usually suggest a quick stop in village market to buy some fruits for breakfast the next day.

Your main orientation session will then have an extensive tour around the town. During this tour we will eat a local lunch, visit the bank & ATMS to try the services out , teach you how to get about town. At night we will take you to socialize with our network of friends and introduce you to any other intern that we know that are in town. Usually we have interns in the same town and in the same projects.

Social Activities

Getting you well socialised in our Ghanaian community involves inviting you to help cook communally, inviting you to attend weddings, funerals, church, inviting you to distant cousin' birthdays.etc. And they will also travel with you some weekends.

Travel and Tour Advice

all of us that work here were born in Ghana, so we are in a very good position to give you all the up-to-date information from previous interns about the best places to visit, where to stay, where to eat, how best to get around etc.

We help you to find out new things about Ghana on your own. Don't be afraid to explore, Ghana is a very friendly country and you will meet locals and other travellers everywhere you go.

Internet Provided

We will provide you with wireless or usb stick internet modems ( your choice) with data on them so you can access the internet on the go , where ever you are.

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